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Model Sounds was set up by Mark Thatcher in 2012. Mark is the Noisemaker-in-Chief of Model Sounds and is responsible for all of the soundfiles we use today. Mark is a television sound engineer and has worked with top-notch broadcast sound kit from the age of sixteen. He is also a keen hi-fi enthusiast with a passion for good quality sound. When Mark not working in the TV industry his hobbies include model trains, boats and tanks, in all scales and sizes.

When Mark set up Model SoundsTM he was looking to produce a sound system that had to tick the following boxes:
Be a PLUG-n-PLAY solution, SMALL enough to fit into a medium sized 4mm scale model railway building, NEEDING no external power supply, but rather has a rechargeable on-board battery, TOTALLY portable for easy relocation and an amplifier and speaker all in one box and married to a customised set of HIGH quality sounds that do not sound digitised.

At a little over half the price of a cheap sound module, his 'Master Blaster' was born. It was a small cylindrical unit, with a similar diameter to the inside of a toilet roll. He has also created a library of bespoke sound files, using broadcast quality software. JOB DONE!

Mark has since sold Model SoundsTM to Stoneybridge Structures where all of Mark's Soundfiles can still be obtained. Unfortunately his 'Master Blaster' has since gone out of production being replaced with an equally impressive 'off the shelf' speaker unit.


Stoneybridge Structures is based in the North East of England in Sunderland and was set up in 2014 by Gavin Thirkell.

After being a lifelong railway enthusiast and frustrated railway modeller for many years, it was decided that a business should be set up to design and manufacture laser cut kits and accessories for the model railway hobby.

Our mantra says 'Many of the kits should be adaptable to most scales, should be easy to construct, affordable and to a highl standard. The kits should also be adaptable so that the 'every layout looks the same' description doesn't apply'. To this end, we were established in 2014.

Our range has extended to bottle holders, solvents, embossed polystyrene sheet etc that the layout builder may find useful.
We use mainly acrylic, modified acrylic plastics and sheet Ply and MDF in our model kits and bits as these materials have an ability to retain detail and give strength to the models.

We produce ‘off the peg’ kits in the main scales, notably 2mm (N), 4mm (OO/EM/P4) & 7mm (O) scale that we take to the shows we attend. We also produce bespoke building and structure kits to your design and scale/ gauge. We would be pleased to offer this service to you. Please give us a call on 07970 883663 to discuss your requirements.

We can usually be found in attendance at most local model railway shows in the North East and a select number of shows as far afield as Scotland and the Home Counties.
Gavin is actively involved with the North East & Borders Group of the EM Gauge Society, attending the regular monthly meetings whenever possible.

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We still have availability in our diary to trade at your show.
If you would like us to attend, please give us a call or contact us through the website.
We have taken on stocks of MORLEY CONTROLLERS for sales from exhibitions and our workshop only.
If you wish to purchase these online please visit the Morley Controllers website.