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Having spent four years getting to running chassis form on a pre-war Scammell Pioneer I wanted something special. Not just any diesel engine but a Gardener from Manchester and a pre-war Gardener as well. Enter Mark of Master Blaster! After a little digging I found a running example a few miles from Mark owned by a gentleman with no mobile, no internet and no answer machine! (common in Norfolk....). Mark went to see him and I now have a genuine Scammell Gardener Engine sound complete with levers clunking and doors shutting. Awesome! Thanks Mark

Rod S


Just received both the old and new units. They both sound perfect, unbelievable sound from such small units. The gunfire is very authentic, these bring my destroyers to life. Love them! Cheers mate, I'll be back for more.

Paul, Kingsbury Model Boat Club


Sound unit just turned up with gas turbine start up and run for my rc M.T.B. Only one word to describe it: AWESOME! Thanks Mark.

Brian B.


I have very recently purchased the smaller upgraded 'Blaster' from my local model shop even though I have two of the previous version. I am amazed at the improvements provided in this new model and will be recommending all my colleagues at my local Model Boat Club to upgrade. I am certain that they all will. Congratulations on a brilliant improvement!

Mike Benson TMBC


Whilst I think the original Master Blaster was absolutely brilliant, when you brought the new one out, I could not believe you could improve on the original - but you have! Especially as with my Mountfleet Models Pilot Boat, the smaller unit slides down the chimney with absolutely no problem whatsoever. For this boat the new Master Blaster is perfect. I have no problems with the machine - superb and wonderful.

Leslie Prew, Crewe

Model SoundsTM reply: Many thanks for your kind words Leslie and for being the first to review the Super Improved Master Blaster! Certainly this new model offers many improvements over the original, with its smaller size being top of the list. It is always nerve-wracking introducing a new product to market, but current feedback seems to indicate we have got it right - and the first batch of the new Master Blaster has almost sold out, less than one month after its launch!


Oh the Blaster is great! What great sound even when using the radio! I am making Irish rail sounds and they sound great on the Blaster.

Brian Stewart, Kildare, Ireland


I received my Master blasters on Monday: great fast service. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am. The Master blaster exceeds all my expectations and really brings my layout to life. The volume is awesome and the unit is so small and easy to hide on my layout. Thanks a lot Mark for such a great product. Thanks again Mark will order a few more soon.

Stu, South Wales


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my thanks for providing such a first class product and service, and all at a sensible price. The master blaster exceeds all expectations. I never expected it to be so loud! We have a small n gauge canal boat model in our shop window (we are a canal side chandlery/café) and the sound effect really adds to it. Many thanks and, rest assured, if any of our customers enquire about it we will be more than happy to point them in your direction.

Andy Bailey, Bailey's Trading Post, Poynton, Cheshire

Model SoundsTM reply: If you are in the Stockport area, why not drop in and see Andy at Bailey's Trading Post, where he offers chandlery, day boat hire and refreshments? Many thanks, Andy!


Ordered on a Friday, received first thing Monday; service as it should be. I regard myself as a "layoutaholic" with six N Gauge exhibition layouts. Extremely happy with the Master Blaster as it doesn't have to be fixed to a single layout. I can buy files to suit each themed layout & port the Blaster accordingly; great VFM! Layouts on which Master Blaster will be utilised may be seen at

David Mitchell


Amazing product and delivered within 24 hours, could not be more delighted.

Brian, Romford


Received my Master Blaster today. It's turned my model into the real thing. A superb product.

Rod Sanderson


I bought my first Master Blaster late last year, and the best move I ever made. I decided to make a Floating Santa Sleigh with Lights at Xmas for display on our local Lake here in South Wales, and Xmas Carols?? Sure, that's where the Masterblaster came into its own.
So now, what other uses besides boat sounds could my Blaster come into good use??? Well having a Lifeboat Day at our Barry Club in July what better way to advertise than use your Master Blaster. Being an ex DJ did help but my niece in Canada provided the voice over ads, a little tweaking on the computer, transfer to the sound card and you have the best advertising tool ever on your model boat. I'm sure there will be many other ways I can make use of the Master Blaster. Highly Recommended. Many thanks Mark!

Rob, South Wales


Just received my Master Blaster today (21st March), ordered on the 19th March at 4.38pm. Great service! Going to position it in one of the buildings on my N gauge railway. Thanks again, great sounds from a small unit.

Bob, Heacham


Having read in Marine Modelling International about unit what a good idea and such a compatible unit that can be used from boat to boat. Having ordered one by phone and sending a cheque, it arrived in 2 days by post. Upon receiving it I was amazed by the packaging the unit arrived in and the quality of the design. Well done Mark Thatcher. Keep the cottage industry going!

Mr T Whelan


The sound unit which you sent me is brilliant! It exceeds your own review, is wonderfully engineered, with excellent sound properties. I very much appreciate these qualities, being a retired TV Broadcasting Director, and appreciate value, quality and service.

Andy Newton, Hampshire


Hi Mark! Just a few lines to let you know how pleased I am with the Master Blaster. As you now know, the two units I purchased from you at the Donington toy fair have now been installed in my toy museum in Lichfield, Staffs. It's only a small museum of tin plate toys, trains, boats, planes, cars etc... plus some very different engineered models. The sound effects you have created really do give the ambience the museum needs and is well appreciated.
If you or any of your readers would like to visit you would be most's free! We are located at 8 Market street, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 6LH (above the jewellers shop, C C Wheate & Sons). Just see and hear for yourself how good these units are.

Charles Wheate

Model SoundsTM reply: Hi Charles! We are delighted that you are using our Master Blasters in a museum setting - another first for Model Sounds, although we do have several clients who use our sound effects to accompany static steam models when they are running on air, at exhibitions, or in situations where the 'elf & safety Police deem it too dangerous to run live steam models! We are thrilled to be able to support your museum in this way, and when we next go to Lichfield we will definitely pay you a visit. Please send us a link to your website and we will happily add your details to our friends section within this website.


Hi Mark! Have to say your response to my request was first rate. The size and finish on your unit is brilliant, can't fault it. The sounds on the sound card supplied was what I was looking for for my model of HMS HOOD, and yes all in one very neat unit.

Ralph Davies, Ponthir, Wales


It's my birthday today! I have been given a Masterblaster complete with the 'cows mooing in a cattle wagon' chip. The unit is a perfect fit for my 16mm scale (1/19) wagon and the sound is just great. A great present.

Mr AS, E Yorkshire

Model SoundsTM reply: Happy birthday to you! We are delighted our Master Blaster has hit the spot and hope it will bring much amusement to you and your family. Kids will especially love figuring out where the mooing noise is coming from. The cows in the cattle wagon sound (MS39) would make a great accompaniment to the latest release from Accucraft of the W&L cattle wagon in 16mm scale.


Unit arrived this morning, thank you very much. Very neat indeed and nice sound – now just got to find the best place in the boat!

Steve, Redcar


Ordered Monday pm by snailmail, arrived Wednesday am. Now that's what I call service! And the sound is incredible. Many thanks.

Nev, West Yorkshire


I have had the Master Blaster for a few weeks now, although not fitted to tender yet on my garden railway. The sound is fantastic. I don't think I need full volume. Tried the toilet tube trick. It works fine.

Dave Allen, Selsdon


Received the unit very quickly even with the Christmas rush thrown in. Incredibly well built and realistic sounds with loads of volume. Very very pleased. Look forward to sampling other sounds.

Shepton drfter Tony


Just received my Master Blaster in the mail. Purchased MS13B and MS15. Both fantastic. Could not get more realistic sounds. Congrats Mark, keep the sounds coming. The packaging of the item could not have been better.

R Thompson, Sec YMBC


Sunday the 9th of December: a date to remember. My partner bought me a Sound Blaster at Stafford Model Show. I am very impressed with it. I cannot wait until maybe you go to your local fire station to record the call bell sounding then the two-tones going as the machines respound to the call, if only you would. It would make a great addition to my model fire station as my machines have blue flashing lights. They are all Oxford diecast models in 1:76 scale, for you to complete with the Sound Blaster. Very well done to you. Also Merry Christmas to you.

Debbie J O'Reilly, Shropshire


Incredible! This is the best sound system I have ever come across. I don't think anyone can top this. I have one in my big tug, the sound of the diesel and the ships horn, at the pond has people talking and asking me all about it. I have just ordered another one for my 8ft warship along with different sound cards, and also the mains and mobile chargers. You won't get quality and value for money anywhere like this. May I also say what a pleasure to deal with Mark, absolute gent. Thanks again Model Sounds.

Bill, Wishaw


Just a few words to say how very pleased I am with my unit which I bought on Friday at the model boat show. The battleship sound is fantastic. Also showed it to a few members at my boat club and they where very impressed with the unit.

T Neal


I purchased a 'Blaster' with an MS22 card at the Boat Show last week. It really sounds great in my coastal freighter model.



Bought mine at the Warwick show last weekend. Beautifully made and terrific steamboat sound. I have a similar sized speaker (hooter only) fitted at the base of the funnel on my (electric driven) steam tug. This uses a 7" funnel as the resonator and the sound goes straight out to the open air. Sounds brilliant - must see if one of these units will fit!

John Tybjerg, Dorset


Picked up my new sound unit at the Warwick show. Very impressed with the quality of the product and the sound. The ease of transfer between models is a great idea. Great quality sounds. Twin screw steam sound for WW1 battleship would be great. Can't wait for more sounds!

Jim, Reading


Last Wednesday one of our Mates demonstrated your Master Blaster, and what a response! Everybody wants one. Today at the Warwick Model Boat Show some of us availed ourselves and bought one. Good modellers love authentic detail. Your sound effects are the icing on the cake.

Sam, one of the Hereford Crew, Gloucester Model Boat Club


Hi folks, just a line to say how impressed with my unit (purchased via Cornwall Model Boats). Having spent pounds on other systems that can not be heard once 20 feet away or require impossibly large speakers I am most impressed. Once again, great product.

George Bowkett


Have just received my Model Sounds LtdTM Master Blaster, and have to admit it's a wonderful piece of equipment with a wonderful sound coming from it. I would put this company's name forward to any of my friends looking for similar sounds.

Mr P J Youngman


Just received it. Great sound! Placed it in my 54" paddle steamer just under engine room skylight. Absolutely delighted!

Martin, Western Australia


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What a sound, so cute, love it! I took the box to a restaurant with a friend for lunch and we opened it and thought maybe we should see what it did. Well let me tell you, the place woke up with that opening rooster crow. It was toooooo funny! We managed to find the volume control. It was a riot.
Anyway, this is going to be operative in the Community Center layout. I am planning on a farm area. Should be a hit there too. Also, we have the Vermont Flower Show next year in March and the VGRS always puts on a huge display. Well I am not going to say I have this but will just plant it somewhere in the layout and see what happens. I may be shot but who cares? I will have FUN! This is marvellous, playing it right now. Do you know how long a general charge lasts if left on repeat? Thanks again.

Carl Kokes, Peru, New York, USA

Model SoundsTM reply:We are very glad that you are having so much fun with your Master Blaster and the farmyard sound chip (MS10). Having fun is exactly what we want you to have and we are really pleased this has put a smile on your face.
Regarding continuous running time between charges, this largely depends on how loud you have the unit set, as the higher volume the less battery life you will have. However on test here on full volume typical running time is in in excess of three hours, and we know of one customer who has had over four hours of continuous use. If you are using your Master Blaster in the field, or away from home, we would recommend purchasing our car charger, so you may charge the unit from your car's 12V DC lighter or accessory socket in around one and a half to two hours.
Also if you really want a giggle at the Vermont Flower show in March, you should take a listen to our Country Meadow sound file (MS09). This has very realistic bird song. Here in the UK during an evening G-scale meet, a Master Blaster with this sound was hidden in the undergrowth and everyone was very puzzled as to why all the birds had woken up at 7 o'clock in the evening for their dawn chorus! Yes, it is that realistic!


I live in Melbourne, Australia, and my unit arrived 6 days after ordering. That is very quick service. The sounds it makes are truly amazing, very realistic. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

David Schmidt


Thank you for a quick turn around. The unit is great! Cannot wait to take the narrow boat to the lake with this sound unit inside.

Chris B


My Master Blaster arrived today from Cornwall Model Boats. I am impressed, looking forward to the weekend to test it on the pond and show it off tho the other “boaters”. Great idea. It is so compact and self contained and no wires. Terrific! Will certainly buy another.

Athol Chaffey, Tasmania, Australia


Ordered two units which arrived well packaged the next day. Brilliant product - brilliant service. Took them down to my boating lake and immediately had to order another five units and seven additional sound cards for fellow model boat club members - that I think says it all!
PS Mark Thatcher - the proprietor - is extremely helpful and knowledgeable should you wish to contact him on the telephone.

Mike Benson, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear


Amazing piece of kit and amazing price! Look forward to other sounds, some warships please.

Bill Marnie, Fife


I wanted to say directly how very much I like the 'Master Blaster' unit and the concept of developing further sound cards for our purposes. The Master Blaster and the way you are working with it has excited me way and above any others and created a change of direction in terms of a sound system for our loco. Thank you!

Derek Stanbridge, Grimsby


We are very pleased with the units. Thanks for the great service!

John, Canada


Great little piece of engineering, and the after sales service is excellent. Looking forward to any new sounds you bring out in the boating section.

Mr B, North Wales


Bought one at Haydock and was on our lake (Rugeley Power Station Model Club) Wed; members all impressed!! You might like the installation method on my tug; placed on its side, facing a stern, I put it in a plastic card box, painted brown, open ended, and made to look like a crate, lashed to the deck. Very pleased with the result. Members thought it had cost considerably more than your selling price. Can we have warship noises next, please?

Brian Rogers


Just received unit I ordered yesterday. Good sound. Would like a lifeboat sound. Could a silicon sleeve be made to make it more waterproof?

Mr D Wilding

Model SoundsTM reply: I am glad you are happy with your order. We have so many requests for sounds currently, but certainly a lifeboat noise is on the list. The problem with making the unit totally waterproof is that there has to be an avenue for the sound to escape. Speakers work by moving air so, if, say, we encased the unit in a waterproof housing, as waterproof as it may be, you would not hear the sounds. There are other manufacturers out there who advertise their units as being waterproof, but the speaker as not. I am sure the Master Blaster would be splash-proof, but in the unlikely event of your model boat sinking, I think that would be fairly terminal for any sound unit.


I have just charged the unit and played it from the bottom of my garden. Wow! That is impressive.

TM, Hampshire


This is the first time I have ever added sound to any of my boats. Your unit is great compact and gives a realistic sound to my steam drifter. The only thing I must say: is there any way to put the light off?

Alexander Forbes

Model SoundsTM reply: regrettably there isn't. The light flashes blue when in play mode, and gives a steady red light when in charge mode (either from the USB port on your PC or Mac, or when using the optional charger). We recommend you cover the light with black insulating tape, but leave the base of the unit exposed. That way you can effectively hide the blue flashing light in play mode, yet still see the red light when the unit is on charge. We hope this little suggestion helps!


Thank you for your prompt service. My husband is delighted with the sound and also the neatness/finish of the unit.

K Greenwood, West Yorks


Order received the next day *****
Packaging first class *****
Item build/sound/looks *****
Website and customer service help *****
***** 10/10

Graham, Gloucestershire


Received this morning, fitted to tug, sounded great!

Lyndon Derby Model Boat Club


My wife ordered mine online last Friday. It was in the boat and on the lake on Saturday morning. Excellent piece of kit, very well made and thought out. I did think that the sounds were lost on the lake especially with the other boats running around. It would be great on a static diorama, or train lay out, but maybe a little more volume is needed for a busy boating pond, apart from that....nice one...


Model SoundsTM reply: did you have the volume turned up to the maximum? When we were running our boats, we could hear the sounds from 100 yards up the road, so we turned it down to avoid any complaints. Well done for getting your Master Blaster into service so quickly!


Very nice product.

Graham, Canada


Read Mike Wood's review of the Master Blaster on the G Scale Central website


Saw you at Norwich toy fair demonstrating the Master Blaster. Great fun! It has added an extra dimension to my model railway. Norwich Station next? A great product I highly recommend.

David, Norwich


The Masterblaster is amazing. I am using it inside a G scale box car at my model club garden layout and also under my N scale home layout. A lot cheaper than adding DCC sound decoders to my 8 N scale locos. Spectators at the garden layout ask where the sounds are coming from, as the DC powered layout only allows the engines to run from the fitted DCC sound systems. Great idea from ModelSounds and great price too.

Keith Allwright, London


Real sounds in affordable package. Whatever your modelling preference, there is a sound to suit and give the finishing touch to the model you have spent many happy hours making. This unit is so adaptable. Either stationary or mobile it will fill your every need, large or small. I've tried static and mobile at sound level that is gentle to your ears. Far superior to digital sounds. So easy on your pocket.

Whimsical Models, David Wilcox, P'boro


Robert Walton's mill with Master Blaster 001 in-situ.The Masterblaster sound unit (a prototype in my case) is brilliant! The sound quality is excellent and far better than other sound unit effects that I already have on my railway. Being in one small compact unit with a re-chargeable lithium battery and speaker makes it easy to use, and also easy to place in the model logging camp part of my garden railway.
The sounds are recorded on a micro sd card, so that the machinery of the logging mill is heard in the background with a factory hooter, warning bell, and other machinery sounds all playing over background just as they would in life. With several cards I will be able to have realistic sounds in other locations such as the church wedding, or the pub. The volume is easily controlled with a wide enough range to allow it being used indoors, or as I do, in the garden.
I only recently finished building my logging camp, and found the Masterblaster at just the right time to enhance it with realistic sound effects. Visitors almost look to see the lumberjacks working!

Robert Walton, Hampshire


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