Sound Files

The sound files are either created by me recording the sounds live, or I use royalty-free sound effects, so there is no Copyright issue. You could do the same, but I would imagine you would not have access to the broadcast software I use to multi-track and create these sound files, nor my three decades' experience in audio editing.

For the techies amongst you, all the individual sounds are sampled at 44.1kHz, so they sound natural and not digitised. The minimum length of each sound file is around five minutes (one is 30 minutes), so when you listen to the loop, you will not hear an effect repeated too often.

I then compress the master files into an MP3 format sound file, which is the best trade-off between quality and file size, then your selected sound file is embedded onto the MicroSD card, which is pre-inserted to your Master Blaster unit, prior to despatch.

Don’t forget, when you order your first Master Blaster unit, you can select ONE sound file from the list below included in the price of £29.99, and if you order one or more extra sound files at the same time, any additional sound file is only £7.99!

Please select your chosen sound file from the list below. Click on the speaker icons to hear samples of the sounds.

Trains and cityscapes

MS01 – Busy Train Station – Duration 6’36”
Hear general platform announcements, whistles, trains arriving and departing, air brakes

MS02 – US Railroad sounds – Duration 4’53”
We start in a goods yard before the chiming of crossing gates and big haulers rumble by

MS03 – Machine Shop – Duration 5’35”
A horn blast starts the workshop off, with clattering, machinery and cutting sounds, and ringing phones

MS04 – Traffic on a busy street – Duration 5’44”
Traffic passing, pedestrians and sirens

MS07 – Cityscape – Duration 5’58”
A mix of urban noise, perfect for use in conjunction with MS04

MS10 – Farmyard – Duration 5’52”
Chickens, pigs, horses, sheep and general farmyard atmosphere

MS17 – Big Static Engine - Duration 6'50"
This is designed to be used for a static beam engine model. It would be well suited for Modeltown's pump house kit, and also perhaps for a large steam boat. Features general mechanical background, with a foreground deep thump of a cylinder with occasional steam hisses

MS18 – Small Static Engine - Duration 5'36"
Typical of a little oil-fired engine, with a gentle pulsating rhythm with the obligatory steam leak every so often

MS20 – Small Steam Loco - Duration 5'26"
Chuffing, crank noise, escaping steam and steam whistle. Suitable for fitting in a covered wagon for O gauge and larger scales

MS21 – Diesel Loco - Duration 5'15"
A great rattle of a little diesel with the occasional clunk of an oiler. Suitable for fitting in a covered wagon for O gauge and larger scales

MS26 – Welding and Panel Beating – live recording! – Duration 5'20"
Welding, panel beating, boiler making with forklift trucks and engineering clangs

MS27 – Church Bells – live recording! – Duration 5'42"
A country church bell peels, with light wildlife underscore and very occasional distant passing cars

MS28 – Vintage Petrol Loco with Horn – Duration 5'41"
Great for medium-sized petrol or diesel locos and rail motors

MS36 – Hunslet Cab Ride with Whistle – live recording! – Duration 8'04"
Recorded from the footplate with clunks, clanks, chuffs and whistles too

MS37 – Carriage Clickety-Clacks – live recording! – Duration 6'40"
Live Recorded sound from the 4th carriage back from the loco (the steam loco can be heard in the distance)

MS38 – Cattle truck with Sheep – live recording! – Duration 6'40"
The sheep are in a moving cattle wagon and are bleating about it!

MS39 – Cattle truck with Cows – live recording! – Duration 6'40"
The cows are in a wagon being shaken around, and are mooing!

MS49 – GE CF44-9W US Diesel Loco – Duration 20'46"
General Electric modern image US Diesel tickover with air brakes

MS51 – Ruston loco slow – Duration 12'50"
A small Ruston loco poddering along at 10mph (could also be used for as a Simplex)

MS52 – Ruston loco fast – Duration 8'40"
As per MS51 but making a good head of speed at 20mph

MS53 – Ruston loco cab ride – Duration 11'50"
Thirty seconds of clanks and clangs as the loco is coupled up, then off we go on a cab ride

MS54 – Tram cab ride – Duration 9'50"
This great tram ride would be suitable for all makes of tram; one of our best sounds to date

MS56 – Fairground atmosphere – live recording! – Duration 8'25"
All the fun of the fair. Try your luck, waltzers, haunted house and general ambience

MS57 – Mainline 4-6-2 steam loco – live recording! – Duration 10'17"
The one you've been waiting for: mainline steam loco with heavy chuffs, wheel slip, drain cocks and whistles.

MS58 – Santa's Special Christmas train – Duration 8'24"
Complete with sleigh bells and Santa's cheerful "ho ho ho", this is perfect for adding some festive fun to your layout.

Ambient and atmospheric

MS05 – Seaside – Duration 5’11”
Amusement park, arcades, kids on beach, waves lapping the shore

MS06 – Beach – Duration 7’02”
Remote beach, waves crashing against rocks, seagulls

MS08 – Country Park – Duration 5’53”
Church bells chiming on the quarter and hour, marching band, kids cheering, crowd clapping

MS09 – Country Meadow – Duration 6’00”
Birds, gulls, crickets, dog barks, forest glade, running stream

MS19 – Water Mill - Duration 5'45"
This file has been specifically created for Glendale Junction who wanted a creaky old water wheel, so that's exactly what it is. Also features wildlife background, a babbling brook, cranes (the birds obviously) and ducks too

MS23 – Fountain with Birdsong – live recording! – Duration 14'56"
A fountain gently trickles with light bird song and pigeons cooing in background

MS24 – Rain and Thunder - Duration 7'15"
A storm slowly moving in, distant thunder to heavy rain and loud thunder claps

MS59 – Dawn Chorus - birdsong - Duration 10'25"
Pigeons, larks, sparrows, robins and blackbirds recorded at 5am

Dolls' House Effects

MS11 - Dolls' House Spot Effects – Duration 30 minutes
Please note there are gaps of up to 30” of silence within this sound file, then, to surprise the audience, a door opens, a grandfather clock chimes, a baby cries – even a toilet flushes!

Model Boat Sound Effects - longer looped files!

MS12 – Diesel Boat – Duration 10’50”
The constant drone of the engine with mechanical tinkering, and air effects

MS12A – Diesel Boat with horn – Duration 10’50”
As per MS12, but with a foghorn sounding every couple of minutes too

MS13 – Steam Boat – Duration 10’28”
The clattering of the engine with steam hisses and an occasional safety valve blowing off

MS13A – Steam Boat with horn – Duration 10’28”
This is the same file as MS13, but due to popular request now has a horn every couple of minutes

MS13B – Steam Boat with horn and telegraph – Duration 10’28”
The same as MS13A but now with added telegraph noises as the bridge signals the engine room

MS13C – Steam Boat with whistle – Duration 10’28”
The same as MS13 but with the addition of a whistle

MS14 – Old Boat, Lister – Duration 10’58”
A knocking old Lister engine just chugging away. Could be used for a stationary engine too

MS14A – Old Boat, Lister, no squeaks! – Duration 5'09"
By request from a customer, this sound file is the same as MS14, but the squeaky components were annoying to him, so have been removed!

MS15 – Fishing Boat – Duration 9’30”
Engine sounds, but lots of splashing water and seagulls following the trawler too!

MS16 – Boat Exterior – Duration 12’02”
External engine noise and water lapping the hull

MS22 – Single Screw Large Boat with Foghorn – Duration 6'50"
A thumpingly powerfully big sound for a single screw vessel

MS29 – Petrol Boat Engine – Duration 5'40"
A looped sound of the exhaust of a petrol boat burbling away

MS30 – Gas Turbine A – Duration 20'00"
An extended length loop of a boat gas turbine engine

MS31 – Twin Gas Turbines with Start Up – Duration 15'40"
Starts with turbines spooling up in turn. Longer looped file with 10" silence at start for your set up time

MS32 – Gas Turbine B with Start Up  – Duration 16'10"
Single gas turbine with spool up at start. Longer looped file with 10" silence at start for your set up time

MS33 – Petrol Boat 2 – Duration 15'30"
A great clunky outboard (or small inboard) petrol boat engine suitable for a smaller craft

MS34 – Twin Cats C with Shut Down – Duration 10'20"
The whine of engines similar to Caterpillars (not the wriggly type!) with a shutdown at the end of the file

MS35 – Turbine C Trent Lifeboat Start and Shut Down – Duration 12'20"
A similar sound to the turbines on the Trent Class lifeboat

MS40 – Battleship – Duration 11'00"
Destroyer / cruiser sounds with sirens, whoops, AA fire and big guns

MS41 – Aircraft carrier with fighter jets – Duration 11'00"
Aircraft carrier with jets, spool up of turbines, fly-pasts and sirens

MS42 – Aircraft carrier with piston aircraft – Duration 11'00"
As per MS41 with piston aircraft revving, taking off and landing

MS43 – Gun boat and MTB sounds – Duration 11'00"
Suitable for Perkasa or Vosper MTB with machine guns and sirens

MS44 – Police launch – Duration 6'00"
The rumble of engines at speed with a Police siren, rescue helicopter and garbled chatter

MS45 – Quacking duck – Duration 6'10"
The gentle ebb and flow of a river with a duck quacking randomly

MS46 – Galleon with cannons – Duration 10'02"
A Spanish or French galleon under sail with cannon fire and explosions

MS47 – Passenger ferry – Duration 19'27"
Diesel engine underscore, crowd noise, single blast horn & announcements from bridge

MS48 – Car ferry – Duration 21'31"
Similar to MS47, but with two minutes of activity on car deck at the beginning

MS50 – Submarine – Duration 17'57"
One of our most complex sound files yet with around 20 different effects with the sub running underwater: sonar pings, surfacing, deck gun fire and dive klaxons

MS55 – Big guns – Duration 2'39"
Replicating large artillery discharge from land or a battleship

Truck sounds

These truck sounds are made in association with .... A vehicle from the Knowles Transport & Distribution fleet

KN01 – Volvo VH13 interior cab ride – Duration 20'00"
This is a live recorded cab ride from start to stop

KN02 – Tractor unit tickover and horn – Duration 11'18"
Great for bringing your truck alive as a static display

KN02A – Tractor unit tickover without horn – Duration 10'57"
The same as KN02, but without the horn

KN03 – Forward motion with start and horn – Duration 8'40"
The tractor unit moving forwards with start-up

KN03A – Forward motion with horn – Duration 8'30"
As per KN03, but without the start-up sequence

KN04 – Reversing with beeper – Duration 17'10"
The perfect reversing sound for your truck

KN03A and KN04 are available together on one sound card so you can switch between the two sounds as required using the skip buttons on the front of your Master Blaster unit.
Just order the two sounds in the normal way, and add a note in the text box on the order form to tell us that you would like them on the same sound card.


KN05 – Double horn repeated – Duration 8'22"
Create a realistic horn effect, and pause it using the start/stop button

KN05A – Double horn every minute – Duration 8'22"
As per KN05, but the horn will sound every minute or so automatically

KN06 – Single horn repeated – Duration 8'22"
Create a realistic horn effect, and pause it using the start/stop button

KN06A – Single horn every minute – Duration 8'22"
As per KN06, but the horn will sound every minute or so automatically

KN07 – Coupling and uncoupling trailer – Duration 2'15"
The legs go up and down, suzzies are connected etc

Battle sounds / militaria

MS25 – WWII Piston Aircraft Scramble – eight layers of sound! – Duration 6'30"
A phone rings, the hanger door opens as the aircraft scramble – at the end of the file only one makes it back!

We are frequently adding new sounds to the list, so either keep an eye on this page regularly, or...


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