Massive1/8th scale Pocher/Hornby Lamborghini Aventador

Item number: MM23


Massive1/8th scale Pocher/Hornby Lamborghini Aventador

Pocher were renowned for making some fantastic model kits from the 1920s. These had a reputation for being extremely hard to put together.

The company waned over the years, but recently they were taken over by Hornby Hobbies and released this whopping kit with over 800 individual parts at a cost of £550! Not only has this kit been put together to a very high standard, it also benefits from after-market added details like better carpets, a painted middle console, better decals, METAL badges and colour-coded shock absorbers.

If you want a centrepiece of your diecast collection this has to be it! Due to the sheer size, weight and delicate nature of this item, it is collect only.

I am open to offers, so if you're interested please contact me.