Double servo control by Mick Jefcoate

Thought I'd share my Master Blaster boat install. After a lot of trial and error, I took inspiration from Chris's duck on your web site. Thanks Chris!

When the boat is ready for a dip, I turn the Master Blaster on manually. I then have remote control of the play/pause and skip forward buttons. I have installed a variety of engine sounds including the one you sent me. Depending on what the boat is doing I just scroll through till the one I want starts.

The sound is fantastic even from the bowels of my 1/24 PT boat, will play with 'porting' next.

Truly a marvellous bit of gear and looking forward to the international boat show next month.

Great work, Mick. The level of controllability you have achieved is very impressive! Thank you for sharing your technique with us.

Note: Mick used the larger Master Blaster with a diameter of 50mm and height of 60mm. If you have the smaller blue Super Improved model, maybe you could come up with a similar technique for operating it via the equivalent buttons on the underside of the unit. If so, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

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