Magnetic Tool Light for just £4.99!

Magnetic Tool LightLet there be light – but only when and where you need it with this fantastic Magnetic Tool Light!

Now you don’t have to grow a third hand when model making, or even worse stick a torch in your mouth when you are trying to tighten or loosen bolts or screws in difficult-to-see areas thanks to this clever little device.

The magnetic tool light has two powerful magnets that will grab onto any metallic object. So just pop this onto your screwdriver and as you do the light is activated: simple as that. Now you can see into all those awkward and hard-to-get-at fittings with ease!

Magnetic light inside modelYou can also use it as an inspection light as it will attach to any metal part of your model. The tool light will fit metallic shafts from 3mm to 10mm (1/8” to 3/8th”) and comes with three L521 batteries included, which will give around eight hours of continual usage.

The twin LED lights on the front of the unit are really powerful too allowing you to see into the bowels of a model boat, for example.

Magnetic light activated by screwdriverLost that screw or bolt? Simply attach the tool light overhanging the end of a long screwdriver, then you will easily see where it is and the missing part will snap to the magnet, making for a quick and easy retrieval.

Best of all, as the light is activated when it snaps onto your tool, it will only remain on when it needs to be on, further extending battery life.

So, why not snap one up today – a bargain at only £4.99 and we will even send it to you FOR FREE!



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