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5th December 2016

We had a great time at our pre-Christmas sale day yesterday, and it was lovely to see those of you who came along. It is really good to see some of our models finding new homes. However, if you missed it, don't worry because we will be leaving our sale room set up. We have been so over-exuberant with our collecting over the years that we have dozens, if not hundreds, of items for sale. What you see on the Markie's Mart page are the merest tip of the iceberg. If you would like to come and have a look, just contact us and make an appointment to view.
We also used the occasion to launch our new Santa's Special Christmas train sound (MS58) which you can find listed with all our other sounds, and have a listen to samples of them.

5th August 2016

We've just added a cunning little gadget to our product range that we believe will be extremely useful to you, whatever sort of models you are into.
The Magnetic Tool Light has two powerful magnets, and its twin LEDs illuminate immediately that it snaps onto a metallic object such as a screwdriver. And, because the lights are only on when you activate it magnetically, you don't waste the batteries.
This allows you to inspect deep into the awkward corners of your models or retrive little tiny components like nuts and screws.

23rd March 2016

The new 2016 Master BlasterWe come out of our winter hibernation with the news that we have launched a new look Master Blaster for 2016! It is the same size and shape as the original Master Blaster that took the market by storm when we launched in the summer fo 2012, but we've made it even easier to use.
On the original Master Blaster, it was (just) possible to miss the slot between the card reader and the chassis of the unit. This has now been fixed. And we have simplified the button arrangement on the front (reducing the number of buttons from five to three) and dispensing with the tone control  equaliser circuit, which really adds nothing to the overall sound quality.
Sticking with a tried and trusted unit will enable us to continue to provide competitively priced, great quality sound effects for the keen modeller for many years to come. If you like the sound of it (excuse the pun), why not check out our list of sounds and order yours now?

26th March 2015

Today we are launching an exciting new feature on our website: Markie's Mart. Like you, we are passionate about our models, but of course that sometimes means we buy more than we really have room for at home. Know the feeling? Well, we admit we have got rather too much stuff at the moment, and that's where you can help us. There are all sorts of models and accessories that need a good home. Keep an eye on this page as there is plenty more to come!

10th February 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest new sound: MS57 Mainline 4-6-2 Steam Loco. If we had a pound for every request for some mainline heritage steam sounds we would be a rich folk indeed. Just like our other sounds, this sound file is carefully edited and made up of several different clips and with some repeated elements. At first the loco is pulling away, with an occasional wheel squeal and whistle, and then after that really gathers speed, building to a crescendo at around five minutes in. You wanted it, and now you've got it! Have a listen to MS57 and our other 70-odd sounds.

7th January 2015

Super Improved Master BlasterThis is a very exciting day for us as we are launching the new Super Improved Master Blaster! Over the past couple of years, we have listened carefully to all your comments about our product, and this is the result. We have made it smaller, lighter and simpler than the old Master Blaster, but it retains the incredible ability to punch out a loud and precise sound from a remarkably small speaker. The reduced size and weight will no doubt open up all sorts of new possibilities for usage. We hope you like the new design. To help you assess the changes, we have produced a document which gives an overview of the differences between the old and Super Improved Master Blasters. We have the new one in stock now, so if you want to take advantage of these improvements, order yours now!!

31st March 2014

Those of you who have ordered from us online will have experienced the fairly clunky semi-automated PayPal system that we have been using since launching Model Sounds in the summer of 2012. And up to now, we haven't been able to take card payments. Well this evening, we have upgraded the system so that you can now pay by PayPal or card, and it is fully automatic. It has been a long time in coming, but we hope you find it an improvement!

6th March 2014

Six months since we last posted anything on this page! What have we been doing? Well, admittedly we did go into hibernation in the winter, and didn't do any shows in December or January. But, we have now arisen from our slumbers.
In the past few weeks, you may have seen us at Brighton Modelworld, the Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show or the Milton Keynes Model Railway Society show. And we have just made a last-minute booking to attend Narrow Gauge North, in Rawdon, near Leeds, this coming Saturday (8th March). See our Exhibitions page for full details of this and other forthcoming appearances for Model Sounds.
We also have the pleasure of welcoming a new retailer on board. The Loco Centre in Wellingborough, Northants are now stocking our range. Mark was invited to their opening day on the 4th of March and is pleased to announce that the new owners, Julian and James, have placed their first order and are now official Model Sounds stockists. Their details are on our Retailers page.
And we are delighted to announce the release of our long-awaited fairground sound, MS56. We know we have had several requests for this and expect this one to be very popular, complete with waltzers, the haunted house and general funfair atmosphere, fast rides, screams, and plenty of activity. Check it out on our Sounds page.
So, 2014 is up and running for Model Sounds! We look forward to seeing you at an event soon, and we hope you like the new sounds.

6th September 2013

Following the disappointing news earlier in the week that we will not be attending the Southern Model Show in Kent this month, we have some better news for you on the shows front. Several of you who saw us at Welshpool and Llanfair suggested we should be going to Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in November. Well, now we are. Anyone who is into model railways knows what a huge event Warley is, with around 85 layouts to see. So we're thrilled that we're going to be part of it this year, and thanks for your recommendations! As always, see our Exhibitions page for full details.

5th September 2013

We are often asked whether it is possible to control your Master Blaster remotely. Well, we don't sell any solutions for doing so, but we know you are clever and resourceful people, and several of you have found your own ways of doing so. In particular we would like to sing the praises of Chris Rigglesford, who has done just this with his radio-controlled decoy duck. What's more, Chris has sent us some great explanations of how he did it, along with some brilliant photos. We have collated these into a new page on the website, and we strongly recommend you have a look. Great work, Chris!
If you've done something similar, or completely differently, we'd love to hear from you.

3rd September 2013

Unfortunately we have to announce that we will not be at the Southern Model Show at Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent next weekend. There has been some confusion over our booking there. The biggest problem is that we have been informed that there is no electrical supply available to traders, and we need power to run our stall. So please accept our apologies if you were planning to see us there. Don't forget, we will be at Newark Showground the following weekend (21st and 22nd September) and Elsecar, Barnsley over the last weekend of the month.

16th July 2013

Good news train fans: we have added another two shows to our schedule. In September, we will be at Newark Showground for Model Rail Live on the 21st and 22nd. Then, on the 19th and 20th of October, you will find us at The National Festival of Railway Modelling at the East if England Showground in Peterborough. Both being agricultural showground venues, they offer easy access from the A1 and plenty of parking. There will be lots of exhibitors and layouts at both shows.
We now have a packed schedule throughout August and September, but don't forget that if you are organising a show, or you know of one you think we should be going to, please get in touch and let us know. Model Sounds: coming to a show near you soon!

1st July 2013

Today Model Sounds is celebrating its first birthday! Where has the time gone? We have certainly had great fun travelling around the country with our Master Blaster and its associated collection of almost 60 sounds. It's been great meeting so many model boat, train, truck and dolls' house enthusiasts. We have now sold over 1,300 units, in the UK and abroad, and it's fantastic to think of all the models that are making the right noises as a result. We'd like to thank you, our wonderful customers, for buying from us and your superb response to our products.
Our other big news today is the we can now confirm our attendance at the Llanfair Garden Railway Show on August 31st and September 1st. This will be our first time taking Model Sounds to Wales, and we are really looking forward to it. Not only that but it's one of the biggest and best model railway shows on the calendar, and well worth a visit. Check our Exhibitions page for more information.

12th June 2013

We are delighted to welcome yet another retailer to our fold. Phill's Model Shop serves the North Shields area and is the first retailer we have in the North East, an area particularly popular with model boaters. But Phill, Henry and Gary seem to have their fingers in several pies, as the shop stocks just about everything the modeller would need, including a handy range of accessories, paints and glues. It is certainly worth visiting their on-line shop, even if you are not local, as they recently have upgraded their website and now offer an on-line ordeing service too. Check out www.phillsmodels.com for further infomation.

28th May 2013

We were delighted in be invited to attend the Model Boat Mayhem weekend at Wicksteed Park, Kettering. And being the brave and (fool)hardy souls that we are here at Model Sounds, we decided to go camping for the weekend. Over a Bank Holiday. What did we expect? Beautiful sunny weather? Well, in fact, we got lucky and it did turn out nice, but when we arrived to set up camp on the Friday, you wouldn't believe how wild and windswept it was if you hadn't seen it. But you can see it! Check out the video on our YouTube channel.
So, as the sun came out and stayed out all weekend, thanks must go to Martin and his family, Stavros and Kelly, Steamboat Phil and everyone else who put so much hard work in to make this show the success it was.

22nd May 2013

We must be crazy here at Model Sounds. Despite the unseasonal and inclement weather, we have booked not one, but two, events that involve camping! The first one is this coming Bank Holiday weekend, the Model Boat Mayhem Weekend at Wicksteed Park, Kettering. The forecast is actually looking OK. Then in August we're heading to Yorkshire for Bridlington Model Boat Society's open weekend. They boast a massive lake of their own just outside of town in the village of Carnaby. So, come on you boaters, pack your thermals and your umbrella and come and join us for some great sailing, and plenty of the right noises! Full details, as always, are on our forthcoming exhibitions page.

16th May 2013

Newsflash! We've made a very late booking to attend the Mobile Marine Models Manufacturer's Bonanza, Manufacturer's Market Day at the Boat Shed near Lincoln. So, boaters, if you're going to be in the Lincoln area, why not come and see us? It is a very homely and friendly venue, entry is free, parking is free and there will be plenty of trade stands to see. What more do you want? A burger van? Yes, you'll have that too! Check out our future exhibitions page for full details.

27th April 2013

We regret to have to announce that the The Stonham Model Railway Exhibition, scheduled for Saturday 15th June, has had to be cancelled. The organisers, Flying Pigs, do not have anyone available to be show manager, so sadly the event cannot go ahead as planned. If you have been to their other shows at Dereham or Gorleston, you will know what an excellent team Flying Pigs are, and we wish them well.

16th April 2013

Yesterday we announced a new railway sound. Today, in the interests of fairness, we are introducing a new sound for model boaters! We have for you our new submarine sound. It's quite a beast this one! Consisting of around 20 layers of sound, it encompasses all those classic submarine noises such as sonar pings, deck gunfire and dive klaxons. The number you need is MS50. Have a listen and see what you think.

15th April 2013

We have a new train sound! As per a customer request, who wanted a generic US modern image diesel sound at tickover, to showcase his large scale ride-on diesel, as chance would have it, we had the right sound in stock. Last Christmas Mark went to Seattle, and never missing a recording opportunity, took his portable recording gear with him. On a trip downtown he was able to grab a sound of a General Electric CF44-9W diesel locomotive. Whilst the name is somewhat uninspiring, these large beasts form the backbone of much of the west coast's freight movement. So, now our client can run his large scale model with a true-to-life sound in the sidings, complete with the occasional bleed of the air brakes too. Let's hope it pulls in the crowd. The new sound file is MS49 and you can audition it here.

8th April 2013

Today we welcome on board a new retail stockist of the Master Blaster, Waverley Models of Clevedon, near Bristol. So, if you are in the area, why not pop in and say hello to Mike Mayhew the man in charge at Waverley.

2nd April 2013

Hope you had a good Easter! The bad news is that Postman Pat has put his prices up over the weekend. The good news is that we won't be passing any of the increases on to you. The P&P on a Master Blaster remains at £5.95, and if you are ordering extra sounds cards only, the postage is free.

21st March 2013

A vehicle from the Knowles Transport & Distribution fleetWell it is a milestone day indeed as not only have we just sold our 1000th unit but on the very same day we are launching our new range of truck sounds as requested by you truckies! These have been produced in collaboration with Knowles Transport & Warehousing of Wimblington, near March. Huge thanks must go to Alex Knowles and his senior engineer Dave, who loaned us a Volvo FH13 to play with yesterday afternoon. We had exclusive use of the vehicle and recorded some great sounds, forward motion, reversing with the beepers, horn and airbrakes sounds, even coupling and upcoupling the tractor to the trailer units. The highlight of the day was recording a 20-minute cab ride from start up to shut down. It is amazing how quiet the cabs are in these modern trucks, but you can hear it for yourself - just listen to our KN01 sound file now.
Knowles know a thing or two about trucks, as they have been in the logistics industry for three generations. Their current fleet of 85 modern tractor units is of stark contrast to the family's private collection of 23 historic vehicles, including a 1969 gas-turbine powered Bedford rig, which takes centre stage in reception. Not many businesses could boast that and it sure beats an ornamental fountain we think!
So thank you Knowles for your generousity in affording us another great Model Sounds noise-making opportunity - keep on trucking!

21st March 2013

John Ashton and his wifeJohn Ashton's boat collectionModel Sounds is still well under a year old, but what a fantastic few months we've had! Today, we are celebrating a really exciting milestone: 1000 Master Blaster units sold. But we like to share our success with you, our brilliant customers who have received our products so enthusiastically. So the lucky person who bought that 1000th unit, is getting it for free. What's more, he also ordered an extra sound card and a mains charger, and he won't be paying a penny for those either! So, congratulations to John Ashton of Bradford, West Yorkshire. John is a member of Leeds/Bradford Model Boat Club, and heard about us from members of his club. He is pictured here with his wife, and you can also see his boats, for which he has ordered our MS22 and MS43 sounds. We hope you enjoy them John!!

19th March 2013

We are delighted to announce two new additions to our collection of model boat sound effects: a passenger ferry (MS47) and a car ferry (MS48). So, if ferries are your thing, check out our sounds page to give them an audition. Both are available for purchase now.

6th March 2013

Runcorn MBC's Hudson Bay complete with Master BlasterWe had a fantastic weekend at the Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show. The event was blessed with lovely weather, which made for some great sailing on the lock within the setting of the National Waterways Museum, a venue with lots of character. It was brilliant to see so many of you there.
A special mention is due to Runcorn and District Model Boat Club, who were proudly displaying a Master Blaster neatly mounted onto the Hudson Bay (see photo). We're glad to see you're making such good use of your unit, guys!

Some news for the model railwayists amongst you: we have just booked our place at the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace over the weekend of March 23rd and 24th, where you can find Mark. That will be a very busy weekend for us as Flo will be at the G-Scale Society Show and AGM at Stafford Showground on the Sunday.
Looking further ahead, we are also now confirmed for the Elsecar Garden Railway Show in late September. For details of these, and all our other future events, please see our future exhibitions page


18th February 2013

We have a very busy weekend coming up! From Friday until Sunday, we will be at Brighton Modelworld in the Brighton Centre, a well established show for all model enthusiasts. And on Saturday, you'll also find us at the Dereham Model Railway Exhibition near Norwich. This show is open from 10am until 4pm. We had been showing it as 10:30 - 4:30 on our website. Sorry about that! More information on both events is available on our future exhibitions page.

16th February 2013

This made us smile. Are you the lucky buyer who saved 31p? If so, why not drop us a line?

31st January 2013

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed, in various places around this website, that Model Sounds now has a TM superscript after it. This is because we have just heard from the Trade Marks Registry that our Trade Mark application has been accepted. This is a cause for a little celebration for us!

19th January 2013

It feels like it's been a little while since we released any new sounds, but hopefully it's been worth the wait. For all you boat enthusiasts, we now have MS46, the galleon with cannons.

2nd January 2013

The winner of our final December prize draw is David Allen from Surrey. He will be receiving an extra sound card and a mains charger as a result. Now that Christmas is over, we can also now reveal that the winner in week three was Mrs Beryl Shaw from Hampshire, who bought the Master Blaster as a gift. We hope it was well received.

31st December 2012

Don't forget, today is your last chance to take advantage of our special December offer of 1p P&P on the Master Blaster. Any orders placed before midnight tonight will qualify for this offer. After the clock strikes twelve, we will revert to our normal rate of £5.95. So get your order in quick!!

25th December 2012


24th December 2012

The winner of this week's prize draw is Howard Jupp from Glamorgan. Congratulations to you, Howard, and Merry Christmas! Howard has opted to spend his £20 Model Sounds voucher on two extra sound cards.
Don't forget, we have just one more prize draw left this month. To enter, you just need to buy a Master Blaster online or over the phone by midnight on Sunday 30th December!

17th December 2012

We have a winner of the third December prize draw, but as the Master Blaster has been bought as a present, we are not going to spoil the surprise by publishing the winner's name on the website before Christmas. What we can tell you now is that the lucky recipient of the gift will be unwrapping an extra sound card and a mains charger.

14th December 2012

More dates for your diary! We have booked to attend two well-established and popular events in the modeller's calendar in 2013: Brighton Modelworld in February, and the Ellesmere Port Spring Model Boat Show in March. Check out our exhibitions page for full details.

12th December 2012

The winner of last week's prize draw is Michael Hicks from Norwich. Congratulations Michael! Don't forget, if you buy a Master Blaster from us, via the website or by phone, before midnight on Sunday, you will be entered into this week's draw, and you could win a £20 Model Sounds voucher.

3rd December 2012

We have just booked up to attend the Barry Potter Toy Collectors' Fair at Stafford County Showground this coming Sunday (9th December). Click here for more details. Hope to see you there!

3rd December 2012

Congratulations to Brian Swinden from the Isle of Man, who is the winner of the first of our December prize draws. Brian wins a £20 voucher to spend on the Model Sounds products of his choice.

2nd December 2012

The Model Boat Mayhem website has published a huge gallery of photos from the recent International Model Boat Show at Leamington Spa, including some pictures of the Model Sounds team. From the home page, click on the "Traders" link just below the photo.

26th November 2012

We have now launched another three sounds for the boaters amongst you, again by popular request. Our mini-collection of steam boat sounds, the MS13 group, have now been joined by MS13C, which has a steam whistle (not a horn) to accompany the engine noise. We also have a quacking duck effect on offer, and in our latest attempt at an ASBO, we have a very loud police launch with accompanying cacophony. Check them out here.
You may also be interested to know that we have added several more shows to our schedule. We have a couple more outings in the run-up to Christmas and a range of events coming up next year. In particular, we'd like to let the railwayists know that we will be at both the G-Scale and 16mm Society shows in the spring.

7th November 2012

Good news for all you boaters! We're sure you're aware by now that Model Sounds LtdTM will be at the International Model Boat Show in Warwickshire this weekend. Well, this show will see us releasing four much-requested new sounds:

These new sounds will then become available for purchase from the website from Monday 12th November.

5th November 2012

We have booked up for four more shows and exhibitions for model railway enthusiasts. See our exhibitions page for details. As for the boaters amongst you, who could forget that the International Model Boat Show takes place at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday? We hope to see you at one of these events!

1st November 2012

Many congratulations to Brian from Birmingham, who was the first person to place an order with us after the counter on our homepage reached 2,000 hits. As a result, Brian received his order for free. Thanks for your purchase, Brian, and thanks to all the other 1,999 of you for continuing to support us. We really appreciate your business. Keep making the right sounds!!

25th October 2012

Many thanks to all of you who visited us at the Blackpool show. It was nice to see some familiar faces as well as to meet some new customers. It was great to wander around the show on rare moments when our stand was quiet and hear, every now and then, a ship's horn or bell as the Master Blaster was being pressed into service on some of the clubs' exhibition stands.
Again, we have had lots of requests for new sounds and hopefully we will be rolling some of these out at the Warwick International Boat Show in a couple of weeks' time. This will include our long-awaited battleship sound file, which we will be definitely launching at there. Hope to see you all at Warwick from the 9th-11th November!

9th October 2012

We are delighted to be working closely now with Model Sounds Inc. of Canada. This business makes some fantastically realistic sounds for the model aircraft, helicopter, boat and tank fraternity. They really have to be heard to be believed. Imagine the sounds of a real piston engine screaming overhead as your model aircraft overflies the field. Well that's what you will get with Model Sounds Inc. Their units, as well as being realistic sounds of the prototype are proportional too, so as you increase the revs on the engine via your transmitter, the sounds increase likewise. It really is just like the real thing. Whilst our two businesses have no legal or financial connection we have a collective respect for each other's products and see great value in supporting each other's ventures. We hope to have a sample unit from them soon and will update you when we have this installed. In the meantime please take a look at www.modelsounds.com. You won't believe your ears!

9th October 2012

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Model Junction of Bury St Edmunds as a new retailer of the Model Sounds LtdTM range. Stock will be arriving imminently, so if you are in the area, do go and pay them a visit. They cater for enthusiasts of model trains, planes, boats, cars, Scalextric, and even rockets!

17th September 2012

Model Sounds LtdTM would like to recommend the Steam Master Unit. It is an advanced and intelligent smoke generator for your models, ulitilising condensed steam technology. Suitable for model boats, trains, trucks and dolls' houses, you can personalise your own smoke output by adjusting the settings on the intelligent circuit board. There are four pre-programmed settings. It's easy to use and operate, filled with water, so no mess, no oil, no heating element. Water full level sensor fitted. Easy to remove unused water after use with the flexi hose syringe.

12th September 2012

We are very proud to have our first retailer in USA specialising in railway products. Norm's Model Supply has some wonderfully crafted truss and girder bridges,all meticulously hand-made and also have just launched a brilliant track bending tool for two and three rail.
Anyway, Norm was so impressed with our Master Blaster and range of sounds that he has asked to stock our products. Thanks very much Norm, as you are are first retailer in the USA! Stock is expected late September and from then on railway modellers on both sides of the big pond can now enjoy Model Sounds!

11th September 2012

Well it's a bumper blog today as our Noisemaker-in-Chief has been very busy indeed. Today we launch FOUR new sounds for the railwayists including the "by request" sounds of cattle trucks, with either sheep baahing or cows mooing! For the model boater, there is even more. We have SEVEN new sound files including three variants of gas turbine engines. Whilst all these sounds are generic, they are all different, so the best thing is to go to the sound samples page and have a listen to each of them. And if you have a Trent Lifeboat, you might like to audition MS35.
Also we have upgraded our steamboat with horn sound, which now includes the bell of the telegraph as the engine room receives intrsuctions from the bridge on engine speed. This is MS13B and definitely worth a listen to. We hope you enjoy our new sounds, and keep those requests coming!

6th September 2012

As most of you will know, our Master Blaster is a great stand-alone sound unit with 100% authentic sounds, keenly priced at £29.99. However it has been designed with simplicity in mind. One thing it is not, and shall never be is "proportional", that is to say, when you increase the input to your engines on a model boat or train via your transmitter, the engine revs increase, and so forth. Well, thanks to Model Boat Mayhem's forum we have hooked up with ACTion Electronics. Dave there heads a team of very clever programmers and delivers a high quality solution to anyone wanting to link the sound system to the engine rotation, or perhaps have a horn or bell remotely switched on and off by your transmitter.
ACTion Electronics and Model Sounds LtdTM are certainly not competitors, in fact very much the reverse. We both have a healthy respect for each other's ideas and products. With this is mind, we will remain in close contact with a view to mutually supporting each other's business. So the bottom line is, if you want a cost-effective fire-and-forget sound solution that is totally portable, then buy ours. However if you what something a little more clever that gives you remote control over the engines sounds and other auxilliary sounds, then you need to visit www.action-electronics.co.uk You will also find them on our friends page too.

4th September 2012

We have just booked our place at the International Model Boat Show at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre in November. This should be a great show, running for three days. It is also right in the middle of the country and therefore very easy to get to. We hope to see you there! Check out our exhibitions page for more details or go to the show's website by clicking on the image.

29th August 2012

It's all happening today! The hit counter on our home page has just passed the 1000 barrier, and to celebrate we have given a 50% discount to the first person to place an order after we achieved this milestone. The lucky beneficiary is Derek from Grimsby. He is also the first person to order our new car lighter socket charger. Congratulations Derek, and enjoy!

29th August 2012

Well, after Haydock Park we have been inundated with all sorts of weird and wonderful sound requests for model boats, including even a "sea-sick bloke"! Some of the more regular requests include a twin diesel engine, twin CATS (not of the meowing variety), gas turbines, and flight deck aircraft carrier take-offs and landings. We hopefully will have these sorted by early next week, in addition to two cattle truck sounds for your model railway - sheep and cows. To keep you going, and by special request we have MS29 - a petrol boat engine exhaust sound which burbles along quite nicely. We know now of three folk who are remote-controlling the Master Blaster sound unit via a servo and transmitter, so we will be shortly introducing our "spot effects" sounds. These will be one single whistle, chime, or horn - allowing the remote control user to trigger them when they want to. So keep your eyes peeled and ears flapping for those.

Also by request Master Blaster car chargers are in stock. The car charger will allow you to charge your sound unit on the move. Great for model boaters who can charge the unit at the lake or pond, perhaps over lunch ready for the afternoon sailing session. These are keenly priced at only £9.99 each plus £2.00 P&P.

27th August 2012

It was great to meet so many fans of the Master Blaster at Haydock Park this weekend. We had a very busy show indeed. In the rare moments when we were quiet, it was quite amusing to have a quick look around the rest of the show and hear our sounds popping up from every quarter! Special thanks must go to the Manx Model Boat Club party, as we believe every single member of this club who attended the show walked away with a Master Blaster. Well done guys!
One question we got asked was would we be attending the Blackpool and/or International Boat Show at Warwick, in October and November respectively? We wanted to try Haydock as our first boat show, but such was the stir caused by Model Sounds LtdTM, that we would be mad not to! Please keep an eye on our exhibitions page as this will be updated if us Norfolk folk can squeeze into either or both of these shows.
Thanks not only to the organisers of the Model Boat Convention, for laying on such a good show, but Also Mac Mouldings, Mountfleet Models and many others of our near neighbours, for putting up with the racket we made at the show.

20th August 2012

We have had lots of requests for our very popular steam boat sound (MS13) to have a horn included too. At Model Sounds LtdTM, we aim to please so we have added MS13A to our collection of sounds. The horn is typical of a tug or packet steamer. Please audition it for yourself

17th August 2012

We are really thrilled to announce a tie-up with our first international retailer. We had a lovely chat with Adrian Brewer in Australia, which led to Float a Boat taking on the Model Sounds LtdTM range. Adrian was a little concerned that we could not supply an Australian-compatible mains charger, but with a little research we were able to solve this challenge, so now model boaters down under with be able to make the right noises too! We have added Float a Boat to our Friends page and included them in our Retailers section too. When the stock has arrived we will change this status from 'expected on' to 'available'. We wish Adrian and his team at Float a Boat all the best with the Model Sounds LtdTM range moving forwards!

13th August 2012

The lovely sunny weather brought plenty of visitors to the Bressingham Steam Museum near Diss on Saturday, and we were delighted to meet so many of you there. Once again, the response to the Model Sounds LtdTM range was very enthusiastic. The number of sound files we have now numbers around 30. In fact, we went to Bressingham with one new sound (MS28, the Vintage Petrol Loco with Horn), which we had only made the night before, and it hadn't made it onto the printed lists we took with us! Nevertheless it turned out to be our top-selling sound on the day, and on several occasions was bought along with MS20, the Small Steam Loco. Why not go to our Sounds page, and have a listen to these, and the rest of our selection? And, don't forget, we will be at Huntingdon this Sunday. If you are going to be in the area, do come and see us. See our Exhibitions page for more details.

5th August 2012

If you've been looking at our Future Exhibitions page and thinking it's biased towards railway shows in East Anglia, then look again! This coming Bank Holiday weekend, we are heading to the north-west to play boats. We will be at the Model Boat Convention at Haydock Park Racecourse. It's an excellent venue, being easy to get to with plenty of on-site parking. Having had a fantastic response to our products from the boating fraternity after the review article appeared in the latest issue of Model Boat magazine, we hope to meet some of you at the Convention. For more details, see the event website.

30th July 2012

We have had our first review. Mike Wood kindly reviewed the Master Blaster on the G Scale Central website. This was a complete surprise to us when this review popped into our in-box. Sounds like Mike was pretty impressed too.

25th July 2012

Thick and fast and hot of the presses, we are pleased to announce another sound file has been created, by request. This one is MS27 Church Bells - our third live recording in only two days! It features a country church bell peels, with light wildlife underscore and very occasional distant passing cars in the background. This will be followed shortly by church bells during a wedding service and bespoke church organ music very soon. Why don't you audition our new sound now?

24th July 2012

As a result of attending the Norwich show we have been inundated with requests for new sounds - well you ask and you get! Here are four new sound files. MS23, (Fountain and Birdsong) and MS26, (Welding and Panel Beating) are our first two "live sounds" that we have recorded on location. Also available now are MS24, (Rain and Thunder), a sound file that builds nicely and mimics an approaching storm, and MS25, (WWII Aircraft Scramble), our most complex sound file yet with eight layers of sounds as the WWII aircraft scramble into the skies. After a suitable pause for reverence, we hear only one of them return. We still have many more sounds to create - and the request list is growing by the day, but we will do our best to fulfill your requirements, and we have had some very weird and wonderful suggestions already!

18th July 2012

Very exciting news. In a matter of weeks from launch we had a visit from none other than Simon Kohler, the Marketing Manager of Hornby Hobbies Ltd. Simon was so impressed with the Master Blaster sound unit and MS01 (UK train sound effects card) that we sent him, that he came all the way from Margate to Norfolk to pay us a personal visit! We spent a very pleasant couple of hours chatting with him, and it is clear he really likes our product. In particular, he commented not only on the build quality of the Master Blaster unit itself, but the sound quality the unit produces with the real sounds included too. After he'd given us the 'Hornby thumbs up', we then discussed ways that Hornby could collaborate with Model Sounds LtdTM to help us further expose this new and exciting range. 

Simon Kohler of Hornby gives his approval It would be inappropriate, at this stage, to go into too much detail as to how this relationship may blossom, but as a picture tells a thousand words, we think you can see Simon's genuine enthusiasm for Model Sounds LtdTM. We were also very appreciative of Simon's good advice based on his many years' trade experience and he has certainly given us some valuable input as to how we may expand our range in the future and reach our target audience, with Hornby's kind help and support. So thank you Simon for spending so much time with us and offering, not just your personal support, but also for opening up some real opportunities and for sharing with us how our two businesses could collaborate moving forwards. Obviously this is great news for us here at>Model Sounds LtdTM, and I think we can now say, keep a look out for Model Sounds LtdTM appearing at a Hornby-sponsored layout near you in the not-too-distant-future!

10th July 2012

Model Sounds LtdTM have just booked appearances at two forthcoming Toy Collectors' Fairs. We will be in Norwich on Sunday 22nd July 2012, and Huntingdon on Sunday 19th August 2012. See our Future Exhibitions page for further details. Do come along and see us!

9th July 2012

On test in AldeburghWell here we are in not-so-sunny July, and to celebrate the launch of our biggest sounding sound file yet for model boats, MS22, the entire Model Sounds LtdTM family, nephews and all, decided to go to the boating lake in Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk coast, to play-test it in several of our tug boats. Apparently the sound was loud enough, even when located in the hull, that my mother-in-law heard the foghorn before she located the boating lake! Still, we had no complaints from the many onlookers and have not got an ASBO yet. However in less than an hour, due to heavy rain, the sea front at Aldeburgh had flooded, and our car was up to its axles in water! Regrettably there was only one thing to do; repair to the pub across the road and wait for the waters to subside, which they eventually did. By mid-afternoon, we were boating again and the weather was fantastic.

We also now offer a variant to our Old Boat sound (similar to a stationary Lister Engine), MS14. We have now released MS14A, which is a version of that theme, except the squeak, which become annoying to one customer, has been removed. So if you want an old boat sounding a little less wheezy, then you might like to check out that sound file.

We have now virtually sold out of our first batch of Master Blasters, with only a couple of units left. But fear not, we should be taking delivery of batch two later this week. Happy noise-making!

4th July 2012

MicroSD cards in a caviar jar!Well, it appears we are not just a flash in the pan - with 82 Master Blasters now sold and only four units left from the first batch - we have now ordered the second batch, so we will have plenty of stock in a week's time. Our mains chargers have proved very popular too, as there are still some folk who don't have access to a computer. We have re-stocked these and new stocks are in today. Also our retailers have cleared us out of MicroSD cards, so we have re-stocked those with 200 more available now. We thought utilising an empty caviar container was quite a nice way to celebrate this event - and hey, at £2.17 a pot from Morrisons- not too indulgent either!

Retail stock has now arrived so please check out our retail page to see who is holding current stock.

25th June 2012

Robert Walton's mill with Master Blaster 001 in-situ.We have had FANTASTIC feedback from our very first customer, Robert Walton, who was so very keen to get his hands on the Master Blaster he bought one of the few pre-production samples we had available. Congrats Robert - now owner of Master Blaster serial number 001, and what a fine sawmill you have created to place it into! Robert dropped us an email and said "Received Sound Blaster on Saturday. Fantastic sound. I have slipped a bit of black plastic tube over it so that it looks like part of the mill.  Photo attached. Thank you for prompt service". Thank you Robert for allowing us to use your photo too! Regards, Mark and the Model Sounds LtdTM team.

24th June 2012

The Model Sounds LtdTM website receives its 50th hit, less than a fortnight after its launch.

23rd June 2012

We had a great day at Glendale Junction's live steam open day and showcased our new sound effects too. In particular our new diesel loco sound (MS21) went down really well, with orders being placed on the day! We have also launched a sound effects loop suitable for a small steam loco (MS20). Both these new sounds are available to pre-order now and you can sample them on our sound samples page. For gauge 1 scales and above, a great way to utilise these new sounds is to fit the Master Blaster sound unit into a covered wagon to sit behind your loco. A vented cattle wagon works very well as that gives ample room for the sounds to escape from the enclosure and be enjoyed to their fullest extent.

21st June 2012

We are pleased to confirm two new retail outlets. City Cycle Centre in Ely is the largest department store in the city and has an extensive model and train department. Also we welcome on board (bad pun) Cornwall Model Boats. This very well established business has a massive range of model RTR boats, kits and every accessory for the model boat enthusiast. The owners tell us their dog loves the sounds too! Please check them out now.

16th June 2012

We have just added three new sound files, MS17, MS18 and MS19. The first two are for static engines. In particular the "Big Engine" file has been specifically designed for Modeltown's 16mm pump house kit. MS19 has been requested by Glendale Junction. We hope you like them. Samples are available on our sound files page.

15th June 2012

Thanks to all of you who have shown great interest in Model Sounds LtdTM so far. We have received a vast amount of feedback, that whilst our Master Blaster sound unit is great, for anyone who does not have access to a computer (and you'd be surprised how many people that is) then this unit is effectively useless as it needs a computer to charge.

Well, not any more! We have had a huge amount of great fortune in developing this product; none more so than tonight, when we realised that this unit is compatible with a 5V AC charger, used to charge BlackBerry devices. So from here on in, for only £12.99, you can add a mains charger to your order.

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