Mains charger

Mains chargerAt Model Sounds LtdTM, we appreciate that not everyone has a computer. So, whilst your Master Blaster comes with a USB charger for your computer included, we offer a mains charger as an optional extra. Indeed, even if you do have a computer, you may not always wish to take it with you, so you might like the added convenience of the mains charger. Not only that , but the mains charger is the fastest method of recharging.

Furthermore, if you are using a mains charger, you can recharge your Master Blaster whilst it is playing: great if you are at an exhibition all day!

And for international customers, we offer mains chargers with European or North American plugs at no extra cost.

Mains chargers are available for £12.99

Car lighter socket charger

Car chargerParticularly if you are a boater, and you are at the lake sailing your boat, you may not have access to mains power. In which case you may find our lighter socket charger useful.

Your Master Blaster will run for up to six hours on a full charge of the battery. That will give you a good morning's boating. Then, whilst you are having your lunch, you can recharge your Master Blaster in your car. You are then ready for your afternoon session.

Car lighter socket chargers are available for £9.99


If you order your charger with your Master Blaster, you will pay no extra P&P. If you order a charger separately, the P&P is FREE!