Suggestion for fitting your Master Blaster to your boat, by Brian Rogers

As you can see the idea is very simple; I did not want to chop into this particular tug, I wanted to be on the water quickly and impress the rest of the Club and also have something I could quickly use on another boat or even as a sound effect when we do a Club Display.

The plastic box can be made in an hour; it is slightly taller than the unit so that it can be slipped in and retained by the 'step' at the front. Held to the deck, via a rubber band, across two small hooks, which when painted black, are not noticed. When I get the time, I shall paint the front of the unit matt black to make it less obvious and use chain instead of the rubber band.

The main thing is that I am pleased with it and the sound travels well over the water. Over the winter I can look at more concealed methods but this has proved quick and enjoyable. Hope you find it interesting!!

Very cunningly disguised, Brian. Thank you for your tips and all the great photos!

Note: Brian used the larger Master Blaster with a diameter of 50mm and height of 60mm. If you have the smaller blue Super Improved model, no doubt you could do something similar, using a smaller box if you wish.

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