Every day we get more ideas and realise the world is our sounding board. If you have got a great idea for a new sound file, just email your idea to
If we decide to create your sound file we will send you one for free by way of a thank you!

Model railways
From OO/HO to O gauge, gauge 1, G scale railways in the garden, to 16mm and gauge 3, there are lots of great uses for the Master Blaster and our sound effects!



As the Master Blaster is small enough at 50mm in diameter by 60mm high (the Super Improved blue version is even smaller) to fit into a medium sized OO building, or maybe even a large N scale building, there are lots of opportunities for the model railwayist to bring their layout to life. Imagine two or three of these units, one maybe a station, another a park or leafy meadow or a farm maybe, and the third a busy street. You can hide these units almost anywhere – but their sound will not diminish!


Model boats
This is really fun – and rather than having a FIXED sound module in each boat, think of the money you will save by buying just one of ours at £29.99 + £5.95 P&P. Hey - you can only sail one boat at a time, so when you lift the wheel house or superstructure off to turn on the receiver, just drop one of our sound units into the hull, and you are good to go for up to six hours of sailing before a recharge. Or you can fit the unit into the deck of your boat.


Many of you out there (us included) are great fans of Tamiya RC trucks. These really are big boys' toys! They are not the cheapest of kits, and if you want to add lights, vibrating cab and sounds, then you’ll be looking at buying a Tamiya multi-function unit for well over £300, or thanks to our friends at Knowles Transport, you could spend less than a quarter of that and have 100% authentic and realistic truck sounds, including a reversing beeper and remotely triggered truck horn. Go to our truck installations page to find out more! You can listen to our truck sounds here.


Dolls' houses
We are pleased to announce our first retailer was indeed a dolls' house shop – they love it, and so will your kids! Click through to “Retail Outlets” to see where you can buy our stuff in the high street!